Makabayang Duktor Season 1 Airing at “”

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Hi friends,

We’d like to thank Dr. Rolour Garcia for posting season 1 of our show, Makabayang Duktor with Mr. Boy Abunda, at the MIND TV website (

We have been getting more sponsors for the second season. This is the hardest battle we have faced yet, but we feel we are doing God’s will and God has been kind to open the doors when we need them.

Our deepest thanks and gratitude to our 7 sponsors for the second season of Makabayang Duktor:

1. SM Foundation’s Mr. Hans Sy

2. Goldilocks Bakeshop’s through Richard and Pinky Yee

3. Eng Bee Tin’s Mr. Gerie Chua

4. Walter Bread’s Mr. Walter Co

5. Hemofer Liquid Supplement (Chinese Medicine for women’s health) through Spring Vine Trading Corporation’s General Manager Ms. Evelyn Lagamayo

6. Standard Electric Fan’s Mr. Siy Yap and Mr. Samuel Siy

7. General Photo Kodak Express

In order to break even, we need at least 15-20 sponsors. But that’s ok. These 7 sponsors are better than our first season where we got only 3 sponsors.

All profits and blessings from the show will be donated to charity. We hope to break even by 2008.

Above all, we are overwhelmed by the love and support given by Mr. Boy Abunda to our cause. Kuya Boy has given so much time to us and he asks for nothing in return. Really, he’s that kind. The concept, title and look of the show belong to him. “We owe you everything, Kuya Boy.”

Thanks a million too to our Director Mr. Azel Panganiban (from Y speak) and Executive Producer Mr. Gasper Gozo (from Korina and Kris morning show) who have given their immense talents for our show.

Season 2 will air by August 2007 at RPN-9 Fridays 10:30-11:00 AM.

God bless and thanks to everyone. See you at the MIND convention on May 26! Come one, come all. There are lots and lots of seats available.

Your friends,

Willie and Liza Ong



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